novi split studios relocating

i think it only took me fifteen years, but my friends and i finally got us a real practice space. i finally feel like i'm in a band. so this is my studio, a desk in the corner. it's all i really need. the space sounds like crap though. sound bounces off everything and the walls are paper thin with a hardcore band on one side (tijuana knife fight) and a death metal band on the other. but i call it home. i started to record a few things. i plan to post something by the end of the week. let's see a few photos from the camera phone.

here we have the control room. my set up right now is a 7 year old i book with a 7 year old mbox and a lamp.

now lets move on to the tracking room. a $50 mxl mic, 80's pearl drum kit and a bob marley poster.

and this incredible view of the port. sometimes i look out into the distance and think about how i should give up music and get a steady job at the port, but then i look up at the bob marley poster and forget about what i was thinking about.

but i am excited to get to work on some new music and also recording the rest of the "cmg and we are the night band" record. 2009 might be my year? let's hope so.


carrie said...

nice desk. nice lamp!!