deets #4 - part 11 (bubbles)

this is going to be a cautionary tale. if you are going to spray a guitar with any kind of powder or flake paint, be sure to get real angry at the fact that they add paint thinner to it without telling you.

i guess when there's flakes in the paint, it gets clogged easily and so they have to thin it. and thats all fine but i wish they would have told me.

here is the ugly duckling ready to get swaned up.

the paint thinner in the paint starts eating away at the primer and bubbles start forming and you're screwed. i've used the same primer with all the other reranch paint colors with no problems. damn you gold flakes!

look at this ugly piece of crap. now i've already ordered some more paint and i'm going to try it again with no primer. fingers crossed.