chopping a wurlitzer 206a - part 4.5

piano action is a pain in the ass. by action i mean all the moving parts on the inside. and after 30 years those insides get a little stiff from dryness and dirt and just plain old age. so once in a while you have to go and slap some lube up in it. here's a shot of the action.

so here is how the action looks removed. we have to free up all the joints.

i recommend this stuff called protek. i bought it off of some piano website for dorks.

then you just get a dirty needle and get it all nice and wet.


so the next thing i wanted to do before i put this thing back together was paint it. you have to use an oil based satin paint kids. i didn't go with the traditional 206a grey. i went with black because of that rolling stones song. a very controversial choice according to some wurlitzer online forums. i guess i'm just a rebel.