deets les pauls - pain in my ass

so here's a shot of the vox les paul all ready to be painted, finally.

and here's a picture of the other les paul i've been working on. and yes, this is the third time i'll be painting this huge pain in my ass.

building crap always has a huge learning curve i guess. things i've learned...... for some reason unknown to anyone, the jerks who make spray shellac and nitro like to put wax in their products which causes the finish to never quite harden like it should. apparently wax keeps the nitro from cracking and discoloring, but that's why i'm using it. i'm all about cracks. all you lowlifes trying to use nitro and want it not to crack, use some poly and leave us nitro people out of your sick agenda.

pain in my ass. so i had to sand off all the shellac on both guitars and do some research. supposedly watco makes a clear nitro that actually dries. so lets try again.

a whole day of spraying small coats gets you super wasted. i have to buy a respirator soon.

so after the nitro dries for an hour, we scrape the binding. look at that thing just pop. please work this time. another setback and i'm going out of business.