wraping a drum aka/ what the hell am i doing?

so this is a drum. it's a nice 1960's era camco tom. i bought it with hopes of restoring it.

here i am pulling off the old wrap that is beat up to hell.

this should be easy. just glue the new wrap onto the drum. but all the old glue didn't come off with the wrap! all of a sudden i don't think it's that easy.

this drum is pretty rare and if i screw it up, i'll never forgive myself. it's so easy to be brave when you are working on a piece of crap. so let me show you this wrap i got. it was discontinued like 30 years ago because people hated it. so it's super hard to get a hold of. i waited about 4 years to come across this searching everyday on ebay. now i'm getting cold feet. these are the struggles of the unemployed.

if you stare at this thing to long you might puke or a sailboat will appear.


marlene said...

hahahahah!!!! i see a sailboat!! and it's talking to me. it's saying 'you can do it, deets!'

carrie said...

i think it's saying that too! :)

Lady J said...

Go forth create..be brave..and I think I see Jesus..