bernard purdie - best drummer of all time? yes.

when i started doing novi split records, i soon realized that the one thing bringing me down was my drumming, so i got into the habit of sampling. i would, and still do, buy a breakbeat record every time i go down to amoeba. and my favorite one to pull from after all these years is still from the bernard purdie collection. he invented a beat known as the 'pretty purdie shuffle.' you might know it from a little song called 'peg' by steely dan. it sounds simple and light but i've been trying to learn it for years and i have no idea how to pull it off. the first thing i do when i meet a drummer is ask them to show it to me. but these newfangled drummers aren't interested in no purdie shuffle. what a shame, imagine any band you like and then replace all their drums with the shuffle and now were talking. every cool old record i buy that speaks to me seems to have the guy playing on it. heres a little crash course.....

when you're at work and you tell people you play music, dudes always want to ask you about shit that don't matter. and the classic one is, "ok dude. best drummer of all time." and it's always the same. metal dudes will say a million dudes from a million death metal bands. the blues hammer types love john bonham from led zeppelin. dorks love neil peart of rush. drum students love steve gadd. jazz dudes love buddy rich. and dudes who shop at thrift stores will take ringo starr. i'm a pretty purdy man. here is a drum solo from some kind of drum clinic he did in japan. feel the lightness. notice the feel. watch as he uses a china with style and class.

and for anyone who wants to know how to play the shuffle. here is my man explaining the roots of it. this video is awesome.

thank you bernard for playing on all my records and never knowing about it.


Anonymous said...

love this post david!

katty said...

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