Đurđica Barlović

holy smokes. here is my vote for the #1 croatian female vocal of all time (sorry, neda ukraden). a little back story if i may.....

the band novi fosili form in zagreb, 1969. they bust out with their breakthrough hit 'leptiri' in 1972.

the boys are stoked, but it's a minor hit and the fame soon fades away. they go back to playing weddings and start talking about maybe getting real jobs. then comes rajko dujmi. a smooth talker from the old school with some composing chops. he takes control as the main songwriter and writes what will soon be hailed as the greatest crotian pop songs ever written. but the problem is that they are fugly dudes. they'll never get on t.v.

in walks durdica barlovic, problem solved. she takes the songs and makes them hers, knocking them dead at the split '77 music festival with a little know hit called 'diridonda'. look at her........ and then look at them.......... good call boys. the guy on the right thinks that this is some kind of joke. get your head out of your ass. this is the big time. split '77!

after that night, everything changed. she murphed the industry that night. every major player in the game was at the show that night. oliver, kruno, arsen, dani, dzo, buco, tomislav, ect...... and she told them all what the next 20 years were going to sound like. abba.

some say that the band abba bit their shit, and i would agree. people still refer to abba as "the swedish novi fosili", and for good reason. have a listen for yourself.

here is durdica barlovic and the novi fosili playing one of my top five novi fosili classics of all time, 'najdraze moje'.


marlene said...

"get your head out of your ass. this is the big time. split '77!"

thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hey, my Mom has been to Split in summer '77. She loved the music there and wonders if you know a song that goes like this "cekaj me sutro, cekaj me danas, cekaj me cekaj me... refrain: nema vise ljubavi ciao amore mio, sto je bilo...

Elisa from Germany

Damir said...

For Anonymous:

Hi, Song for Your Mom is Čao from Ljubka Dimitorvska. :-)
Here: http://www.mojvideo.com/video-ljubka-dimitrovska-cao/8672b59222919082101a