from (design) dreams into (circuit) reality

now i've heard of people making printed circuit boards at home but most comments from people who have actually tried have called bullshit time and time again. they say don't waste your time, it's a scam. so you know i had put it to the test.

CAD programs? i'm not that great with these design programs but i thought i'd take a crack at it. for those of you who have never used a design program like CAD, it's like going to a foreign country and trying to get a document notarized. it just sucks. but it's the only way to take your game to the next level. here we have a very simple boost circuit. looks legit.

so i took the file and ran down to kinko's to get this masterpiece printed on a laser printer. photo gloss paper, my friend.

then you transfer it to a piece of copper board through the magic of an iron. and then you let it sit in a glass of water for 5 minutes.

peel and rip off the paper.

here we have the toner stuck on the copper board.

so then we dip the whole board in ferric acid which is super nasty stuff. i mean, it eats away copper so... you know. careful. so the copper gets eaten away and we're left with the toner.

and with a little bit of nail polish remover to remove the toner..... we have our board! welcome to the real world, me. this is kind of a triumphant moment for me. it's a moment i share alone though. maybe i should get into sports. i need to find a way to be more social. all this circuit building is going to turn me into one of those guys that breathe heavy and correct you even when you say a right answer. isn't there more to life than this? trying to make shit and then trying to get people to care about it. no? ok.

so anyways, let me introduce you to my awesome new circuit. i made it and you can't take that away from me.


velika seka said...

you're super awesome.

novi split said...

I knew you'd come around some day.