this time dad, you're wrong.

i'm not really in a chatty mood at all. but check this one out. before i got fired from my last job i would drive home at like 2am and then have to water the plants. by that time it was around 3am. you get a hose and spray some water on some big leafed plants, that's just as loud as a jet taking off in the middle of the night. dogs barking, neighbors turning their lights on. sometimes shit just has to be done. like when the family used to go on road trips and we'd leave at 3 or 4am so we could make it to wherever we were going just in time to check in. like if we showed up a couple of hours later we would be getting screwed over by paying for the 3 hours we weren't using. whats the use of showing up somewhere at 6am when you're on vacation? so anyways, the job, the plants, and then the wine. after coming home from work and watering the plants it turns out the wine i was making was hours away from going bad. when the carbon dioxide stops doing it's thing, oxygen comes in and ruins all your work. so it's 4am and i'm in the backyard pressing grapes and filling bottles. cussing a lot under my breath and talking to myself. those were stressful times for us all. i kept a white cowboy hat that i had worn for halloween in the backseat of my car. some nights after work i would stop at the gas station and pick up some cigarettes, throw on the cowboy hat and listen to this arthur russell cd on the way home. that somehow protected me from all that other bullshit i was just talking about.


marlene said...

i like this one. on a non-related tangent, ava woke this morning and said she didn't dream last night. then she told me that her dreams were in mila's diapers. i told her that she was hanging out with you too much.

Lady J said...

cowboy hats DO offer great protection actually. Any big hat will do it really.