bigfoot ranch

the bigfoot ranch is this great place in san francisco where they love beyonce so i gave em what they were asking for. its a place where they buy like 20 wine in a box boxes and then remove the box part and throw them onto a table where they sit looking like bags full of urine and then people pass out in the bathroom and you go and get mc donalds. this was a really fun show. i was sleeping downstairs and heard this noise that wouldn't quit in the morning so i got up and went upstairs and found a phone's alarm going off, set to vibrate, in the bottom of a trashcan filled to the top with what appeared to be used tissues from bottoms. here are the highlights.

thank you for the memories bigfoot ranch and for letting the old man moonlight as a college kid who really digs 'the punk' as the kids call it. im not even being sarcastic.