pheonix and the end of illusions

our last two shows were in phoenix and tucson. two of my favorite places on this planet. from san diego we got to phoenix dodging a nearly deadly encounter with border patrol. if you have never been stopped by the border patrol, let me tell you, it sucks. the not being able to say anything to the person next to you. the potential long lonely nights in prison. and those idiot dogs.

got sean home in time to make love and for ben and i to break at least $100 worth of shit at starbucks. our remedy for the situation. just leave.

we got to the show and i got to see some of my favorite people. including david jensen who just sent me a copy of his new cd 'art for starters' which has rocked me for months now. the 'after party' got me way sick and from this point on i can't remember much. getting turned away from a barbershop. having a wonderful midnight drive with meghan l. and one hell of a late night with mr. ryan. driving home through the morning to see my niece turn two and then falling asleep for most of it.

it was a beautiful thing for me this tour. i think of every great thing i do to be my last stand. and if this was then im happy about it.

after about a week i started feeling better about myself. i keep singing the songs we played on tour over and over. those boys are the real thing. they keep pulling me back into a world i don't get to see very often these days. here's us in the digital age.