talking seattle blues

when your friends call up and say, "dude, we're totally going on tour!", 99% of the time you can bet that you're totally not going on tour. but this time it happened. flew up to seattle the day before new years to party with my drum life partner jens and then got dropped off at the school of rock to begin massive tour plans. i hadn't practiced because i refused to believe that this could happen. i thought my showbiz days were over. so i sat with ben and practiced songs and helped mix down a song with ben for a record he'd been working on and then sean flew in and then we were putting together albums for ben and i guess tour officially started. it was an awesome day.

the tour was born out of the hard work of one sean bonnette, a frenchman with the heart of a pug. he hails from pheonix, arizona and is 1/2 of a band called 'the andrew jackson jihad'. he is also an awesome guy. ben barnett used to be in a band called 'kind of like spitting' and i used to be in that band with him in my younger days. also a great dude. ten day tour. i'll put up highlights as soon as i get them. here are some pictures from our first show at the healthy times fun club.