deets #3 (part one)

it's that time again. deets #3 is the new guitar i'm working on. here's what i got. i went to the folk shop and they hooked me up with a box of broken acoustic guitars! two bodies and like seven necks.

i picked a body and neck that i thought might work well together. it looks like all these parts have been chiseled apart. like i said before, i'm not a real man so i don't know about woodworking.

so i called ian dixon up and he agreed to give me woodworking lessons in exchange for my company and being able tell people that i hang out with him once in a while. so i brought this mess over to him.

he asked me if i wanted to drink something and he gave me some kind of wine cooler that tasted like gas and that set the tone for the night.

he said i needed to become a real man and that by the time he was done with me, i would know how to make a dovetail joint and maybe work my way up to a zima.

he said i needed to buy a japanese pull saw and some chisels, so i went and did that. he said i need to wipe the ass of whoever was trying to fix this guitar before me and clean up that neck joint with the saw. he also told me not to screw it up.

so here's a picture of my work so far. i have no idea what i'm doing but i have to say i'm proud of myself for using a saw.


marlene said...

is it okay to ask what happened to deets #2?

novi split said...

that one is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

nice dovetail joint.