deets #4 (part two) pulling frets

so i was checking out those frets on this neck and they are so wack! it's time to get em out of here! so i grabbed a pair of small pliers and took the head to a grinding stone. you got to grind it so hard. sparks flying. got to get em flat so they can grab those nasty old frets. check it.

some guys like to tell you that you need to heat up frets with a soldering iron before you can pull em to avoid chip out. but i say use that IF you get chip out. don't waste my time with all that paranoia. i've just got too much on my mind right now to worry about heating frets.

so let's try a couple pulls. start on one end and move it all down the fret and then repeat. '2 live crew' calls this move "the train."

looking good with no chip out. let's run a "train" on the rest of this. two frets left and i'm looking good.

with the frets off, i noticed that the fretboard looks nasty and it would be pointless to save the old finish, so i took a sander up to it and we're starting from scratch. total make-over. and here it is, exposed for the first time in 30 + years. what a moment.


Anonymous said...

how many projects are you taking on here?