deets #4 (part three) truss rod drama

i noticed that my neck was a little back bowed as i was pouring hours into taking off the binding. so i went and tried to adjust the truss rod. the allen wrench just spun, and i knew then the bolt was stripped. the internet said that we could do massive surgery or most likely, just buy a new neck.

at first i hated this neck. maple on a les paul? mr. paul would be flipping in his grave. but now i feel that this neck is destined for greatness. i will not give up on you, neck. so i took a chance and busted out the chisel. my new favorite tool. i started the slow process of removing the fretboard.

i can't believe this worked. and deep within the hard exterior of this neck we find the soft fleshy fruit of the truss rod.

i took this thing out side and beat it with a wrench until the parts came apart. here's what we got.

now it's on. i have to find a replacement part, but first we have to find out how wide this nut is and the thread count or what ever they call it. pain in my ass.


dan said...

you are right. Les Paul would be rolling in his grave... if he was dead! That fool is no spring chicken but he is still kicking!

marlene said...

you totally jinxed him. nice.