deets pedals (part two)

the hardest part about building a pedal is making everything fit inside the box. this is the most critical part. one wrong drilled hole and it goes in the trash.

here we have the switch, the input and output jacks and an led light.

then we add the volume knob, circuit board and 9v hookup. this little guy will have no battery hookup because, a) batteries suck. b) look at how small this thing is. you couldn't fit a battery if you tried. i was pretty impressed with this one.

and here she is all closed up and ready to plug in.

and here she is fired up for the first time. no sparks or smoke so i guess it works. that wasn't the case for the other two. look at that light shine.

here is a look at the first three in the collection. they're all boosters and they all sound awesome. simply put, they go from a clean volume boost to a low gain distortion. what's interesting about these boosts is that they change the impedance of your guitar so you're actually sending more juice to the amp. when you start hearing distortion, that's no chip or circuit working it's magic. it's actually your tubes breaking up because it can't handle what is being thrown at it, much like turning up the volume to ten on a tube amp. people report tubes actually shattering when these things are cranked all the way, and older sets of tubes just dying in minutes. but as a clean boost, it makes your pickups hotter which gives you a more solid low end and and more chime on the top. just a more articulate sound overall. that's how i like em. just turn them up a little and never turn them off. the one i make for myself will not have an off switch. i love this crap.


Jens said...

Wow, Dave. Those are beautiful. You're gonna be rich!

a collection of birds said...

So, when can we start ordering?