wine (part 2)

holy crap. fermentation is done. i might have let it run a little too long actually. i take the rotten juice and fruit and throw it into this torture device. it's called a press and that's what it was born to do.

so the press squeezes the crap out of the fruit to get every last drop of wine. notice the screen filter. this is to filter out all the creatures that died when i was stomping my grapes. crickets, spiders, and tons of fruit flies are another reason why wine tastes so good.

it's all about funnels. all that juice into this glass bottle.

then you slap a water trap cap thing on the top and let this thing fart out carbon dioxide for a few months and let the dying yeast settle to the bottom. party at my house in a couple of months. stay tuned.


Michael said...

Did you try it yet? Props for actually doing it!

novi split said...

dear michael, this will be my second year making grape wine. the first batch was a success and i got ripped. send me your address and i'll mail you a small bottle. you're not 12 are you?

Steph said...

This is yet another reason to come to L.A.