wine (part 1)

i know this is supposed to be a blog about music but i wanted to show a bit of the wine making process for this year. i started making homemade fruit wine a couple of years ago because it sounded fun. i think i'll do it every year until i die. nothing is better than making wine. maybe because it's such an ancient tradition and i'm totally into antiquing. so here's a bit of a window into my process.

you get a couple of coolers and go down and get your grapes from 100 year old italian dudes. they laugh at you when you bring down coolers. usually there are a bunch of tough looking guys filling the beds of their pickup trucks with grapes. this year was no exception. they get meaner and hairier every year.

i picked up 81 pounds of shiraz grapes because i was missing australlia. i will dedicate this batch to brisbane. by the way, wine grapes taste way better than table grapes like 100%. i don't know what grocery stores are thinking.
so next i throw all the grapes into a new trashcan and have my way with them. i eat a lot of them as i'm smashing those little homies.

i had to add a lot of water because these little guys were way overripe. then i add the yeast and let this thing breathe for a while. it looks gross right now. the yeast will make it even grosser.


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