silver jews

david berman

i went to this silver jews show last night. i thought it would be a bad idea but then after the first two seconds of the first song i was stoked. im not a big fan of how psychedelic they sound live, but some whiskey made me look past all that.

berman and the jews

heres my favorite silver jews moment....... listening to 'american water' on my hands and knees on the floor of my bedroom at my moms house at age 19, trying to lift the stain out of the white carpet after spilling wine cooler all over the place in a 'drink-by-myself-all-night' wine cooler and silver jews schech.

when i brought the album home a month earlier i was really bummed on what i bought because it didn't sound like the get up kids. a month after that, it was wine cooler all over the carpet.

here's a song if you never heard them. bust out the fuzzy navel, sit back and enjoy.


marlene said...

ohhhh... i'm so telling on you!