there's a point in every musicians life when he or she will have to resort to the lowest of lows to pay the rent. when the dream is on its last legs. when you wish you'd stuck it out through junior college just one more year. it's called a wedding band, and once again i've captured it on video......

but in all seriousness, this is the best band i've ever been in, almost. we're called "the san pedro sound machine" and all the boys from the band have been in bands with me at one point or another throughout my life. here we are playing nada's and eric's birthday party. cover bands are a good way to get praised for shit you didn't do. if you can copy other people and dress up, then you got the goods. after the show ended people were really excited and i was really inspired. when talking to sean cole later that evening he put everything in perspective when he said," of course they like it. you're actually playing something people want to hear for once." and that's true. but it's also a nice feeling to assume the role of john oates for my own selfish reasons. its win/win. if i could find a way to get praised for shit i didn't really do in every aspect of my life i'd be much better off. its like beating contra again for the 600th time. sure you've saved the human race and killed all the aliens, but when you come off of that high you're still going to bed alone after eating a hot pocket. no one gives a shit. but im fine chasing after that cheap high. chasing that john oates resin hit.

the dirtiest of all highs.


moonrider said...

um... if this isn't the apex of your career, then i don't know what is!! but seriously, this video rules, too bad me (how embarrassing) and laila ("OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!") ruined the beginning.

the Sound Machine truly reigned supreme that night, and hopefully will continue to hereafter.


Patrick said...

This is so good it's unreal.