mirror worlds

when i was a kid, like a real kid, you know 4 years old....... when reality and insanity were both equal. thats when i was really into music. and songs had the power to warp your mind and remind you of things you've never been through. i remember being like seven and listening to 'glory days' and feeling like i could relate to having kids and losing touch with my high school friends. this is what i'm talking about. or how about when my cousin busted out this tape cover and i almost shat myself.

holy crap, look at this. it felt like a place someone might drop me off at. and the music made me feel like i shouldn't be hearing it, because you can't un-hear metal.

but what i want to talk about is other side of that dark rainbow, the human league. i got the 7" for the hit single 'don't you want me baby' when i was about four and spun that thing into the ground. it was a hot hot number for it's day and still stands up today. i've always hated b-sides as a small child but i would occasionally listen to them if the a-side was out of control. and i remember listening to it and having that sick feeling in my stomach. like i've been punched in the gut. the song is called 'seconds'. hearing that song played after the a-side was the same feeling you got when you heard the m*a*s*h theme song after 'i love lucy' was over. as a kid, that was a top ten bummer. but just like m*a*s*h, 'seconds' became a song i learned to love. and i don't even know why the song popped into my head tonight, but it's a major bummer still, even though it's great. and the only video i could find for it is a homemade one where they used footage of jfk being shot. i mean the song is about shooting jfk but when you pair it with video of him being shot it becomes bad theater. this is what made me uncomfortable as a child.