i'm on the hunt, i'm after you

tonight was the first night in a while that i actually got off my ass and recorded something. its been a while. but it was good and things worked out good and i'm happy about that. every time i fire up the old studio there's all these songs that are sitting there unfinished and left behind. before i do anything new i always seem to take an hour to listen to them. it's always a strange feeling to read or listen to something you don't remember doing. especially when its really bad. but i figure i can kill a few blog posts by posting my failures. look out for the series i'm going to call 'failures: blogging hits a new low."

anyways i can't leave you empty handed. here's a video of the knife's song 'heartbeats' live. i missed this show because i was "over" going to see live music. then i saw this video and wanted to buy electronic equipment, lights, masks, a fog machine, two projectors, some kind of robot, electric drum pads, ect.... this video makes me wish i didn't play guitar and went to art school and started a concept band with my sister. i almost think this version is better than the original. i just like the mood of it. it's a very important song in the history of all songs. it has the most impressive chorus since c.r.e.a.m.

i'm right about this one.


marlene said...

wow. i'm flattered. i never knew you were into the unique sound of tonedeafness.