deets #4 (part 8) headstock binding

headstock binding, once reserved only for royalty, is now within my reach. here's a brief history on it.... in olden times god would choose a king, the king would appoint a woodworker to make a sweet guitar with headstock binding, the king would have sex with his own family to preserve the bloodline and the guitar would be passed through the ages. it's hard to believe but it's true. the headstock binding is a symbol of status and commands respect.

so here we have a few pieces of purfling, which is a fancy term for really small pieces of binding. here we have a classic black and cream going on.

these are really small and a pain in the ass to handle. here's the clamp and glue method. clamp that piece and crazy glue those guys together.

so here we are gluing this in. as you can see the headstock has a few steps to it. the smaller one is for the purfling and the larger one is for the binding.

and here it is with the binding installed. the classic cream/black/cream is going to wow them and the namm show this year.


carrie said...

nice binding job. i'm so impressed. and nice kitty cat notebook.