working on a dream (part four)

just wanted to share pictures of working hard in the studio. here we have a bunch of knobs that make things sound better or worse. it's all up to you. or sometimes you just stare at this and do nothing for like 13 hours at a time waiting for an idea to hit you.

here is where i've been spending my time. you can't see it in the picture but we keep the room at a solid 98 degrees. it's like a sweat lodge. the heat makes us have these visions of spirit animals and then the spirit animals tell us what to do next. sometimes when i reaching over to a knob i swear to god that my arm looks like a huge wing. like an eagle's. then i know i'm on the right path.

this is a picture of carlos and i having what's known as a waking nightmare. we sit still but our minds are racing. we are in deep contemplation.

when the mix is just right i always seem to cry out of exhaustion and through the sheer beauty of what we have created. coming off this is always difficult. some say you should eat more meats during this part because it raises the dopamine that your brain naturally loses during mixing. others say orange juice. but for me it seems that you just have to go through it.

mixing is filled with pain and sadness and sometimes it takes years before you can listen to something you've mixed. it takes a long time to heal those wounds.