deets #5 (part 4) failure

so now with the binding in place, i've sanded the whole thing down so i can blend in the new wood with the old wood. 

i didn't know that the sides were plywood based with a veneer glued on top. i sanded right through the first layer and hit the plywood. i figure it wont be such a big deal. 

went to baller hardware and picked out some nice dark walnut stain to bring this to life. plus i figure the dark stain will cover up my mistakes. 

boy, was i wrong. the top looks great, but the sides look like ass. it's much better in the picture. in person, it's ass. 

i tried sanding all the veneer off to just have an even surface to sand. no good. the plywood is to thin and it's absorbing the stain very inconsistently. this looks like a boy scout had at it with a dull hatchet. this would get me laughed right out of this years namm show. 

i'd like to say right now that before this, the only thing i've ever stained were my pants. i feel like a failure. but there has to be a way out of this. it has to look better than when i got it. that's my mission statement. i'm actually going to go online and research this. it's on.