deets #5 (part 5) a new hope

so i poked around on the internet and i found out that the best solution to my problems is to lie. the guitar lied to me about being made out of nice wood. so i lie to the world by replacing the veneer and saving the day. you have to buy these things in huge 4x5 sheets and they're like $60. i asked the guy for something smaller and he said that no one does that. he was really an ass. "who would buy a 2x2 sheet of this stuff?" he said, like a complete ass.

me, asshole, me. i would. the world would. now i got all this extra veneer, but whatever. guys at lumber yards are dicks because they know you've been to home depot and every other place in the city and they're your last resort. they've got you by the balls and they know it. so here it is. like paper. 

i got this thing home and cut it down then realized i didn't know how i was going to glue this thing on. the answer was contact cement after like 4 hours online. so i get the contact cement and begin. 

everything went smooth. the veneer is holding. i look like a hero.  

i applied the veneer to the back as well. threw some new binding back on, and stained in the classic dark walnut.  

it's not as pretty as the original veneer but it looks better then what i had to begin with. one battle at a time i guess. 

so next we have to take care of the neck. i can't wait to see how i screw that up.