electronics are lame (guitar refinishing part 23)

i might have mentioned it before, but i'm not sure how electronics work. i just know if you mess around with them long enough and look at things that actually do work, it will find it's way to you. so that's what i'm doing. i've heard you're supposed to make a fake pick guard out of cardboard so you don't screw up yours doing this. check this thing out.

so i looked at how people wire things online and just went with it. how hard can it be? there's like five things going on. you have a volume knob, tone knob, output jack, pick-up and some sort of capacitor. i just started soldering what felt right. look at this thing. it's got to work!

and hell yes it worked, indeed. now i screw this stuff onto the pick guard and we're ready to do this. by the way, every screw that was on this thing was worthless. i don't know if you have ever tried finding weird small screws at home depot, but they laugh in your face when you do. i was referred to the lovelady screw shop in torrance. they set me up. go say hi if you're in town. here's the finished deal.

next, it's time to screw the hardware and pickguard onto the guitar. i can't wait.