making a custom headstock logo (guitar refinishing part 25)

check me out world! i've got my design and i've printed it backwards onto transparency paper.

next, i sanded the neck down real nice with 220 dry sandpaper, cut out the logo, sprayed some photomount on that piece and stuck it on real good.

now it's time for some magic. we lightly spray lacquer onto the logo and the headstock until the lines from the transparency disappear. little by little though because lacquer will melt your ink. use your slowhand on this one. a light coat every half an hour or so. when it looks like the lines are almost gone, let it dry for a few days. sand it with 400 grit dry. then 400 wet all the way up to 2000, just like the body. wax that, and there you go!

here it is with all the hardware back in action.


Nicholas S. said...

you could also look into INTs. They are ink transfers you used to be able to order from any print house. You can scratch them off but they will apply without seeing the transparency paper around your logo.

Looks amazing.

CMGster said...

Nicky S has a good idea, but i wanna t shirt niggy! whoo! looks sweet!