screwing in the last of the body (guitar refinishing part 24)

so, now with those pesky electronics out of the way, we can screw in the pick guard to the body. look at this thing come together! it's what god must of felt like when he created his first guitar.

i sort of can't believe that this all worked out. now the hardware.

now for a couple of jaguar/mustang knobs that i got for $5. it's kind of ridiculous what a difference nice knobs make. i spent at least 4 days non-stop on the internet until i decided on these. oh my god i'm getting excited. i think i might overheat.

here it is. what a transformation. at first, i couldn't imagine anybody wanting this guitar but now it should have it's own room. me and this guitar should get a room. i'm going out for drinks, alone.

so believe it or not, there are still some things we need to do. it's time to get that logo onto that headstock. mysteries will be revealed.


marlene said...

blogging on vacation? take it easy, deets.

naim amor said...

David !!!! This blue is COOOL !!! How much !!???