jonathan richman

when i was living in mid city los angeles a few years ago, i used to listen to jonathan richman once in a while on the stereo in the living room. that was when i was new in the house.

after a few weeks, people start getting familiar with me. i remember rocking this next song in the old living room when suddenly the music stops. it was one of my roommates telling me that there was going to be a strict ban on anything jonathan richman. then another roommate walks out to agree with him. i was in shock. how can this man stir up so much hate in roommates?

i went in search for the answers late night at the club congress in tucson. he played with local hero tommy larkins, and it was awesome. i wished the old roomates were there with me to pull the plug from the sound board and to tell richman that he had to bail.

that's my picture from last night and here's an old school video of his smash hit 'new england' live (maybe) from the top of the pops. make sure your roommates have left the room first.