jackson c. frank - stating the obvious

when i was living in portland, or seattle as the kids call it, i remember getting this record on a burned cd. i remember listening to it once or twice and thinking it was ok, but this song was a classic. and no matter how many times i've lost this song it always comes back to me. every one in about 100 people i meet will remind me about this song by playing it for me. it's definitely a song you feel like you want to share with people. i covered it about four years ago to further that sentiment.

although i research a lot of singers and want to know information behind songs, for some reason i feel good not knowing anything about this guy. the song has always drifted in and out of my life as a mystery and so i need to respect that. i know a few things about him and they are hazy and most likely made-up.

i know that simon and garfunkel sing this. paul simon might of produced this version. he ended up somewhere broken down and then died. so that might or might not be true. but, what is true, is that this song remains the same.

most love songs you hear sound like overreactions when you grow out of them. how embarrassing for you and them. 'blues run the game' is great from the first time you hear it until the last time. because the lyrics ring true and stay true. because it deals with trying to drown everything out, not because you're young or confused, but because it's the way we have been designed.

nice one, god!


Anonymous said...

You'll take back the "nice one, god" thing if you ever learn about this guy's life. It's way beyond tragic. Great artist though.

God said...

nice one, anonymous