deets #4 (part 6) neck binding

my cream neck binding came in the mail today. what joy. it's just plastic. it's really going to bring this neck back from the dead or kill it for good.

the first thing i did is fire up a bowl of boiling water and stick it in. i'm not sure how bendable this stuff is so i figured it would help to melt it. i have to bend it into the shape of the neck. but melting sucked and it was better to bend it the way it was. plastic is incredible.

here i am trying to get the bend just right. it wants to fight you but you got to keep fighting back.

then you got to get some superglue and start gluing and clamping. glue and clamp. glue and clamp.

i really can't believe this was so easy. it looks pretty already.

then came the scraping. binding will not fit perfectly so you have to shave it down with some sort of knife or razor. i found this bad ass knife in the garage and it looked pretty tough. i cut myself about 4 good times and there is blood all over the wall and the bed for some reason. sounds like a typical weekend for mike kevich. just trying to see if you're still reading this mike.

so here it is all nice and leveled on the top, just a few more touches and we're done.

till next time....


carrie said...

hey. be careful where you glue and clamp. maybe not on top of my project. :)

mike said...

Yeah, I'm reading this. Damn it.