deets #5 ( part 1)

this is the seagull. given to me by sean bonnet in tucson. he said that the problem with guitar was that he kicked a hole in it and then smashed it through a wall so the neck has been busted to the point where it wouldn't play. he also said if i screw this up it was no big deal. with that in mind.......first thing is to take the neck off. i think.

boom! pretty easy stuff because the seagull has a bolt on neck. next step is to remove the binding and separate the top from the body.

came off pretty easy using a razor blade and my muscles. so this is our hole. it about a shoe size 9 to 10.

there is no info on the internet about how to solve this problem so i thought i'd just start carving into this thing. i pulled out the japanese saw that ian dixon told me to buy and started to saw.

thats a great feeling to saw into something.

here's where i bust the piece out. sweet jesus that's a clean cut.

while i figure out what i'm going to do about all that, i turn to the dislocated neck. the block was cracked so i decided to throw some glue up in it and clamp for dear life.

at this point i'm all out of ideas. more to come when i figure something out.


ashley said...

this is going to be a rather strange comment, I would like to know if it is possible to purchase the track hollow notes from you.

novi split said...

yes it is. itunes my friend. or write to me at and i'll hook you up.

Anonymous said...

Kick me please. I was destroyed about how i couldnt buy it from your myspace, but wasnt smart enough to check itunes.

Will see if I can work something out on Itunes.

I'm not in America and being a complete idiot, i dont know how it's gonna work.

I doubt it will be a problem but if anything crops up i'll drop ya an email, may be easier

cheers mate.