wrapping a drum part four

ok. so i let the glue dry hard. let my tape bond together. now we move on to drilling all the holes out of this thing. i was nervous, thought about matt, went ahead and drilled. look at these perfect holes.

went the the music store and bought some new heads. i'm not a drummer so this was my first time buying heads, or as i like to call them, skins. ask the drum guy at the store one question about drums and you're there for an hour. got home, put the hardware back on, slapped the skins on and boom!

the side view is looking nice. you could eat off of this thing. oh snap, check the chrome son!

double damn!

so anyways, it's done. i put it back into the closet and i won't see this thing for like a year. maybe i'll invite matt over.

the end.


marlene said...

good job :)

you are giving that creep matt too much credit.