deets #5 (part 2) fixing a hole

so i think i figured out a plan for this guitar that had been kicked a new one.


but don't try to find wood at home depot. they laughed me out of the store when i told them i needed wood like .008" thick.

i found this little piece in an architecture store. i guess they use it to make sweet models.

i have no idea what i'm doing but i figured out i needed some back support. is this true? i don't know? i glued little pieces of wood to the back of the side. no one will ever see this nightmare once the guitar is finished so i'm going for it.

so here are those little guys peeping out. they will help support our replacement wood.

next i ran around the house and found this curling iron. it goes all the way up to 400 degrees. we're going to use this to bend this wood into shape.

i took the wood and soaked it in hot water for like 5 minutes. then while it was wet, i used the curling iron to create steam. the steam loosens the fibers and magically allows it to rearrange itself. when it dries it'll keep it's shape.

i clamped the piece onto the otherside of the guitar while it was drying to keep it from straightening out.

after that dried i took it to the grinder and shaved off the excess and sloped the edges down with a file to match the slopes i made on the guitar. it's all looking pretty good.

so i glued the hell out of this thing. and i also clamped the hell out of this thing. then i set some weight on top of the parts i couldn't get to with the clamp.

i would like to say again at this point that i have no idea what i am doing. now we wait for the glue to dry.


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i wonder what mom is going to think when her bangs start smelling like wood. oh conky.