wrapping a drum part 3

so now that we have the shell sanded and looking fine, i'm doing a mock wrapping to see what's up. make my measurements and cut the excess off. i'm leaving enough overlap for the double sided hi-bond tape that's going to seal the seam.

when you get your measurements, clamp the center of the wrap onto the drum. this way we can glue in two parts and have the correct alignment the whole time.

i'm going to use regular wood glue for this satin finish because the vintage wraps were thinner and they will discolor and warp if you you use bonding cement like they use for today's modern wraps.

i can't show you and pictures of the gluing because it was too crazy to take pictures of. but i'm sure you get the picture. thin layer of glue on every inch of the paper, roll out the air bubbles and then seal it with hi-bond tape. i clamped the overlay together for some extra hold. i almost cried during this part thinking about what matt said to me over the phone.

after it dried a bit i started to shave down the excess with a sanding dremel bit. you're not supposed to sand the wood shell at all so be careful.

after that, the old school method is to file the wrap down so it never catches on anything. this takes a long time, but i wanted to impress the old schoolers.

the next post will be the last about this crap.