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new kids

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extreme makeover

i wanted to show some progress on this old squire i'm redoing for moses. here's the ugly black bass.

with the help of a wire hanger and a spray can it turns white.

wet sanding, as you know, is how i unwind after a long day.

"shine, shine, shine, like 409." - the gza

installing new pickups on a bass is weird because you screw them into the wood not the pickguard. found that out the hard way.

for all you haters, matching headstock with the official deets logo. put a bird on it.

neck reattached. gold pickguard wired up. i have to get someone to install the bridge because it needs to be machined for the string notches. i think it's pretty. i've never seen a squire ball so hard.

holy cow

keep my word

a cover of my favorite' cmg + we are the night' song.

Keep My Word by novisplit

cmg + we are the night getting buzzed

someone wrote this about our record.