getting baked, making pedals

i just wanted to show the newest in technology. it's called a toaster oven. it's the newest "tool" in my "shop". it is used to burn out weird chemicals in paint. it's also used to make pizza rolls. but seriously, baking pedals is like way fun. just pour yourself a nice stiff one and hang out in the backyard for an hour watching paint dry.

i also realized that if i want to compete in today's pedal market, i was going to have to up my game. girls don't dig guys in a sensible cars (a fact i've proven time and time again) and they certainly could care less about a guy who plays solid color pedals. but two colors? ladies cannot resist that kind of peacocking. first thing you got to do is wrap that shit up in tape.

then i'm going to spray this thing with a gold paint. the color gold is deeply rooted in humans. instantly the pedal shoots up in value. the box i've painted on has also tripled in value.

the good thing about tape is getting to peel that shit off. so there's an upside to tape. but it comes with a price. just look at this. cream on the inside, clean on the outside.

now i've got to put wires in this thing.