unfinished buisness

when i was 13 years old i met my friend bjorn. i remembered him from this christmas recital we both played at the YMCA behind the vons supermarket. one thing led to another and i found myself back at his place. he was riffing hard to motley crue songs. every weekend after that we would get together and just play. after a year or so he wrote a pretty awesome song. i had to keep up so i decided to write a song for myself. it was called guess? it was inspired by all the joe satriani i was listening to at the time. our big moment as a duo came when we were asked to perform a recital at the torrance public library for the music school we both attended. we practiced, i picked out my best rayon shirt, and we hit the stage. shit was about to get real. the video you are about to witness is that performance, but i've enhanced it with footage of shit blowing up because the 14 year old me would of wanted it that way.