big show

deets #4 - part 11 (bubbles)

this is going to be a cautionary tale. if you are going to spray a guitar with any kind of powder or flake paint, be sure to get real angry at the fact that they add paint thinner to it without telling you.

i guess when there's flakes in the paint, it gets clogged easily and so they have to thin it. and thats all fine but i wish they would have told me.

here is the ugly duckling ready to get swaned up.

the paint thinner in the paint starts eating away at the primer and bubbles start forming and you're screwed. i've used the same primer with all the other reranch paint colors with no problems. damn you gold flakes!

look at this ugly piece of crap. now i've already ordered some more paint and i'm going to try it again with no primer. fingers crossed.

deets #4 - part 10 (cover me)

so now that i got the back all nice and stained, it's time to primer the front. i've never have done this with bindings before so i feel pretty nervous. since we don't want to spray over the binding, i bought some pinstriping tape from auto zone and applied that to the binding to cover it. then i took some painters tape and garbage bags and tried my best to cover the sides and back of this thing.

here's the front of this thing. there's a lot of tiny imperfections that need to be taken care of now. when apply the first coat of primer it usually will highlight my errors. my heart always breaks a little at this stage.

this is when susan joined me.

he she is posing.

and right on cue......darla getting jealous.

deets #6 - part 2

i just wanted to show an update on this strat for all you john mayer fans. i have a new secret weapon and that weapon is called grain filler. it apparently fills up the pores in the wood like 20 times faster than the old way i was doing it. so here i am all the way into spraying primer on this piece.

lets have a look at the caboose. nice!

so i'm going with a custom color called coral red. it also looks kinda like a salmon so that's my new nickname for this. so after we apply the clear coat, we have to wait like three months to let this thing cure because we're working with nitrocellulose lacquer. the price you pay for going traditional.

buddy rich

if you don't know who buddy rich is, he's a cold hearted bastard who can play the skins (drums) like a champ. in this video he explains why kids these days are all small minded timpani players. and then after that he pulls off a death metal solo that would put vehemence to shame.

my dream band would not have buddy rich in it. it would be like being in a band with my dad. here's an example, this audio was recorded on a bus after a show. hope you like the f-word.

and here's buddy rich flying off the handle.

deets #6 - part 1

i know i've only finished two out of the five projects i've started. but these things come to me. i didn't ask them to be born. so what we have here is a strat body. i've had a bad relationship with strats my whole life. they are the ultimate guitar that lawyers like to hang in their offices. the hard rock casino likes to put strats in their waiting room. not to mention john mayer. lets see if we can make the most of this situation.

sweet shoes

this also happened......

babysitters club

me, daniel, carlos and mindy hanging out with wyeth james. hired some dudes to document it. the rest is history.

cmg and we are the night present : golden ghosts

the first single off our new album.