if you go away

this song is the 'yesterday' of france. everybody has covered this including rod mckuen, nina simone, dusty springfield, neil diamond, terry jacks, frank sinatra and like a million other people. and these are heavy hitters we're talking about. everybody catching the feeling of this song and trying to bring it home. but much like the sandcrabs i used to bring home as a kid, you try to set them up with a used cool-whip tub as a home, throw in some sand and salt water and then just sit back and watch them die. always bummed that they died but never realizing i was their executioner. sometimes a writer can squeeze so much out of the song that it leaves you looking like an ass. i'm talking to you sinatra. the song is perfect. watch this video of jacques brel serving up a hot plate of pathetic, french style.

legal troubles

today youtube pulled one of my videos off of their website because a copyright was being violated. it seems that 2pac "crossed over" and told the universal music executives that he was upset about my use of his song "changes" in my awesome video paying tribute to the man. here's what pac (2 pac) had to say about it........

"now's you're time to shine little homie. you do what you think is right and don't let anyone crush your dreams. me and you, we're like the same. we both stand up for what we believe in, we respect women, we know the importance of a healthy diet, we both can bust out straight off the top of the dome. but i'm dead as shit, so use the gift of life to blog about this injustice. and remember little homie, i'll always be there looking over you."

thanks pac.

the U.K. gets it........

so i signed up with ascap about a year ago. at first i was very much like, "what is this and why is this and don't i need to make a lot of money for this to affect me?" the answer is no. two checks in the mail today issued to myself and my publishing company "c.a.k.e. party" for .18c each. if you do the math, that's .36c! enough to get an hour on the meter when i go cash my unemployment checks.

upon further reading it seems that the song "leaving it" has become a runaway hit in britain and is slowly topping the charts. up two spots from number 1,253,654,893 here's "leaving it."

the song that launched a thousand dreams.

my showbiz days are over

it really just might be the end of days.