mirror worlds

when i was a kid, like a real kid, you know 4 years old....... when reality and insanity were both equal. thats when i was really into music. and songs had the power to warp your mind and remind you of things you've never been through. i remember being like seven and listening to 'glory days' and feeling like i could relate to having kids and losing touch with my high school friends. this is what i'm talking about. or how about when my cousin busted out this tape cover and i almost shat myself.

holy crap, look at this. it felt like a place someone might drop me off at. and the music made me feel like i shouldn't be hearing it, because you can't un-hear metal.

but what i want to talk about is other side of that dark rainbow, the human league. i got the 7" for the hit single 'don't you want me baby' when i was about four and spun that thing into the ground. it was a hot hot number for it's day and still stands up today. i've always hated b-sides as a small child but i would occasionally listen to them if the a-side was out of control. and i remember listening to it and having that sick feeling in my stomach. like i've been punched in the gut. the song is called 'seconds'. hearing that song played after the a-side was the same feeling you got when you heard the m*a*s*h theme song after 'i love lucy' was over. as a kid, that was a top ten bummer. but just like m*a*s*h, 'seconds' became a song i learned to love. and i don't even know why the song popped into my head tonight, but it's a major bummer still, even though it's great. and the only video i could find for it is a homemade one where they used footage of jfk being shot. i mean the song is about shooting jfk but when you pair it with video of him being shot it becomes bad theater. this is what made me uncomfortable as a child.

the french know how to party

sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time. video shoots are supposed to be very long and boring. i got loaded and watched two people humping for at least 45 minutes. check out me and artie vint living out some sort of waking dream on the set of marianne dissard's video "les draps sourds." look for me, i'm the one trying to act like i don't notice anyone humping.

p.s. they were seriously humping.

i'm on the hunt, i'm after you

tonight was the first night in a while that i actually got off my ass and recorded something. its been a while. but it was good and things worked out good and i'm happy about that. every time i fire up the old studio there's all these songs that are sitting there unfinished and left behind. before i do anything new i always seem to take an hour to listen to them. it's always a strange feeling to read or listen to something you don't remember doing. especially when its really bad. but i figure i can kill a few blog posts by posting my failures. look out for the series i'm going to call 'failures: blogging hits a new low."

anyways i can't leave you empty handed. here's a video of the knife's song 'heartbeats' live. i missed this show because i was "over" going to see live music. then i saw this video and wanted to buy electronic equipment, lights, masks, a fog machine, two projectors, some kind of robot, electric drum pads, ect.... this video makes me wish i didn't play guitar and went to art school and started a concept band with my sister. i almost think this version is better than the original. i just like the mood of it. it's a very important song in the history of all songs. it has the most impressive chorus since c.r.e.a.m.

i'm right about this one.

i don't know?

i guess this has been out for a while. i thought it was cool for like a second and now it just makes me sad. i don't know what it is. its a cool idea, but in all the demo's ive seen, the accuracy is a little questionable. if you're going to spend $2,500 on a new guitar then most likely you've been playing guitar for a while and will notice if something is slightly off. or you're rich and don't care.


there's a point in every musicians life when he or she will have to resort to the lowest of lows to pay the rent. when the dream is on its last legs. when you wish you'd stuck it out through junior college just one more year. it's called a wedding band, and once again i've captured it on video......

but in all seriousness, this is the best band i've ever been in, almost. we're called "the san pedro sound machine" and all the boys from the band have been in bands with me at one point or another throughout my life. here we are playing nada's and eric's birthday party. cover bands are a good way to get praised for shit you didn't do. if you can copy other people and dress up, then you got the goods. after the show ended people were really excited and i was really inspired. when talking to sean cole later that evening he put everything in perspective when he said," of course they like it. you're actually playing something people want to hear for once." and that's true. but it's also a nice feeling to assume the role of john oates for my own selfish reasons. its win/win. if i could find a way to get praised for shit i didn't really do in every aspect of my life i'd be much better off. its like beating contra again for the 600th time. sure you've saved the human race and killed all the aliens, but when you come off of that high you're still going to bed alone after eating a hot pocket. no one gives a shit. but im fine chasing after that cheap high. chasing that john oates resin hit.

the dirtiest of all highs.

waiting around to die

i don't know if anyone saw the documentary about Townes Van Zandt that came out a few years ago. its called be here to love me and its great. Townes gets married young and he and his wife get this apartment which has an extra room and Townes decides to use to it as his "writers workshop" to give a shot at writing songs. so just married, never wrote a song, busts out of this room and sings "waiting around to die." the marriage never recovered.

here he is in the movie 'heartworn highways' singing his song and making an old man cry. seriously.


there is nothing on this earth better than breaking off a hot piece of solo in front of a crowd of drunk people. everyone loves solos. this clip shows one of the greatest moments of my life, me soloing.

the singing whale

look at this stoner! you open the mouth to start it. im so proud of this guy. i was looking up how to make a turntable because i hear its easy and i ran across this winner. this dude also made a dog turntable, but this.......

if you search you tube, there's a lot of D.I.Y. tables that are fun as well. im currently combing through the local swapmeet to find my parts.

silver jews

david berman

i went to this silver jews show last night. i thought it would be a bad idea but then after the first two seconds of the first song i was stoked. im not a big fan of how psychedelic they sound live, but some whiskey made me look past all that.

berman and the jews

heres my favorite silver jews moment....... listening to 'american water' on my hands and knees on the floor of my bedroom at my moms house at age 19, trying to lift the stain out of the white carpet after spilling wine cooler all over the place in a 'drink-by-myself-all-night' wine cooler and silver jews schech.

when i brought the album home a month earlier i was really bummed on what i bought because it didn't sound like the get up kids. a month after that, it was wine cooler all over the carpet.

here's a song if you never heard them. bust out the fuzzy navel, sit back and enjoy.

from a joke to a lifestyle

hello friends. this a blog i'm starting about music and music related things for one year of my life. why?

i figure i'll talk about writing and recording music, and lots of 'hey, listen to this song i like', 'look how cool this thing is' and 'i remember where i was when i first heard this record. Torrance!' posts. a few demos. a few posts about recording. and lots of music from friends. things that i hate. maybe a trip or two to the alpine village swap meet.

please take this journey with me. i'm hoping i can make it through the year.