pheonix and the end of illusions

our last two shows were in phoenix and tucson. two of my favorite places on this planet. from san diego we got to phoenix dodging a nearly deadly encounter with border patrol. if you have never been stopped by the border patrol, let me tell you, it sucks. the not being able to say anything to the person next to you. the potential long lonely nights in prison. and those idiot dogs.

got sean home in time to make love and for ben and i to break at least $100 worth of shit at starbucks. our remedy for the situation. just leave.

we got to the show and i got to see some of my favorite people. including david jensen who just sent me a copy of his new cd 'art for starters' which has rocked me for months now. the 'after party' got me way sick and from this point on i can't remember much. getting turned away from a barbershop. having a wonderful midnight drive with meghan l. and one hell of a late night with mr. ryan. driving home through the morning to see my niece turn two and then falling asleep for most of it.

it was a beautiful thing for me this tour. i think of every great thing i do to be my last stand. and if this was then im happy about it.

after about a week i started feeling better about myself. i keep singing the songs we played on tour over and over. those boys are the real thing. they keep pulling me back into a world i don't get to see very often these days. here's us in the digital age.

boat house

i love this place. the boat house in san diego is for me the best night on the tour. a liquor store right across the street. all my friends from 'visions of a dying world' and the night i met josh peterson. check out the action.

hickey underworld

it doesn't get much better than this. long beach at the hickey underworld with cmg. it was a pretty great homecoming. i don't know who took these pictures, but thanks. i do know you go by the name "interrupt_thiscall" on flickr. i'll be waiting for the cease and desist letter. but until then, enjoy!

how about some in black and white?

bigfoot ranch

the bigfoot ranch is this great place in san francisco where they love beyonce so i gave em what they were asking for. its a place where they buy like 20 wine in a box boxes and then remove the box part and throw them onto a table where they sit looking like bags full of urine and then people pass out in the bathroom and you go and get mc donalds. this was a really fun show. i was sleeping downstairs and heard this noise that wouldn't quit in the morning so i got up and went upstairs and found a phone's alarm going off, set to vibrate, in the bottom of a trashcan filled to the top with what appeared to be used tissues from bottoms. here are the highlights.

thank you for the memories bigfoot ranch and for letting the old man moonlight as a college kid who really digs 'the punk' as the kids call it. im not even being sarcastic.

losing my religion

portland. sean bonnette killing this song 'candle in the wind'.

the artistry ruled pretty hard that night.

here's what two men in love look like.
portland was all right. in the morning we had breakfast with the ladens and this happened.

talking seattle blues

when your friends call up and say, "dude, we're totally going on tour!", 99% of the time you can bet that you're totally not going on tour. but this time it happened. flew up to seattle the day before new years to party with my drum life partner jens and then got dropped off at the school of rock to begin massive tour plans. i hadn't practiced because i refused to believe that this could happen. i thought my showbiz days were over. so i sat with ben and practiced songs and helped mix down a song with ben for a record he'd been working on and then sean flew in and then we were putting together albums for ben and i guess tour officially started. it was an awesome day.

the tour was born out of the hard work of one sean bonnette, a frenchman with the heart of a pug. he hails from pheonix, arizona and is 1/2 of a band called 'the andrew jackson jihad'. he is also an awesome guy. ben barnett used to be in a band called 'kind of like spitting' and i used to be in that band with him in my younger days. also a great dude. ten day tour. i'll put up highlights as soon as i get them. here are some pictures from our first show at the healthy times fun club.