working on a dream (part three)

so just to bring you up to speed. i took a break from the exciting world of guitar building to really focus on the CMG record. i made a chart to track the progress. here it is like 4 months ago.

and here it is from june.

and here it is as of last night. it coming along. just a few more squares left. oh my god i'm excited.

working hard

a little something to tie you over while i'm hard at work on other things.

readings from wheeling motel

a few months ago i had the privilege of contributing a small part to this record. it's called 'reading's from wheeling motel.'

let me try to explain this.... it's poet franz wright reading from his new book 'wheeling motel' set against the gentle groove of michael rozon and joining them together is longtime friend and lover daniel ahearn. here's a taste. but i suggest you download the whole thing here.

do you ever rock and roll anymore?

cmg and the we are the night band doing what they think they know how to do best.

hush records re-release

just in case you need a late pass. buy this record now or regret it for the rest of your life.

i'm crowning

here are some pictures of my first re-crown. there were a lot of loose frets and buzzing so i went in for the kill.

taping up a neck is pretty fun.

here's the full tape job. from here i glued all the loose frets down and took a flat file upside the whole front of the guitar.

after that we start reshaping the frets. i was nervous.

boom! sand all the frets. 400 grit up to 2000 to get all the scratches out.

polish them up good.

it is on.

angela correa

another clip from the haystack show. angela does her thing.

the haystack

we had a party over at the haystack a few months ago because naim amor was coming into town. here's the first of many video's of that night. 

chuck's got good taste in music

when i wrote this song, i had been sick for sometime and took too much thera-flu. from there i started having waking dream visions and my spirit animal came to me. it was randy newman and he told me i could bite his style circa 'sail away.' when i awoke from my fever dream, this song was done and ready to be someday covered.

my man chuck took on the burden last week. here is his version of the song. this will be track #3 on the novi split tribute album that i'm making for myself. 

click on the video and leave him a comment.