deets #4 & #6

i just got done with these two guitars as of tonight. they both rule in their own way.

they also were both a pain in the ass to bring back to life. i won't go into detail but trust me. lots of wood filler, crazy glue, and rewound pickups went into these.

the strat has that twangy character that i realize now is not for me. but i'm going to play with it for a while before i sell it, just to make sure.

the les paul was raised from the dead in so many ways that i feel like i'll be playing this one a lot. i didn't think i'd like it because of the maple neck, but actually, that's my favorite part.

the only thing left on this one is the headstock logo. i'm having a silkscreen made next weekend. i can feel that going wrong already.

absolute punk

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