Oliver Dragojevic

this could be the most exciting post i've ever written. just look at what i found on youtube tonight. old school oliver videos. if you don't know about my man oliver, check it. a singing sensation, sex symbol, talented writer, icon, living legend, and dare i say it...... 'the prized jewel of the adriatic." this man single handedly took the yugoslavian pop song out of the country and gave it to the world. let's take a look at the vintage oliver i dug up and take a moment to soak in this genius.

in this clip we have oliver with his long time time writing partner zdenko runjić killing it at the split festival in 1978. watch the way he accepts his award. and when the band starts in and the back-up singers are out of tune, does oliver give a shit? no! he just won the best singer in the world award. like he has anything to prove at this point. let them sing out of tune. and watch at the end of the song when the lights go down and the credits roll. he shut down split '78. who's going to follow that act? tomislav ivcic? give me a break!!! this is classic oliver.

this is a short one. live from 1980, oliver singing 'oprosti mi, pape' which translates into 'forgive me, father.' here we see a different oliver than the clip from above. here we have a vulnerable oliver asking forgiveness from his father when he realizes he turns out just like him. turns out oliver can be a dick from time to time. it sounds like a familiar song because of the countless number of rip-off songwriters with their ears pointed towards the adriatic.

so you think you appreciate stairs? bullshit! here is oliver's tribute to stairs. the video features oliver and a whole lot of stairs! oliver's favorite. the song deals with stairs and how they mirror human existence. "climbing and falling," sings oliver in his usual "i couldn't give two shits about what you losers think of me" attitude.

you don't have the grapes to write a song about a seagull, so just leave it to oliver! here he is tripping out on a seagull. the song 'galeb i ja' translates into 'my seagull' and boy is it ever! some of the lyrics roughly translates into "inspirations take flight on wings of gold." this could be the national anthem one day. now sit back and listen to this song from start to finish. i'm serious. it's the 'stand by me' of the balkans.

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