back in the living room

out of the studio and back in the living room. this week was all about putting some hustle back into the CMG record. i borrowed some equipment and some people and set up shop at the casa biazevich for five days. i realized that i have never recorded a band live in my life. i've always single tracked due to lack of equipment.

come to think about, it's also a learned behavior from my metal years when it was all about precision. and when i started recording the novi split record, i was the only guy in my band. it makes sense.

so anyways, i was scared as hell but it turned out really good. the songs instantly sound more natural. all the bleed from all the instruments (and there's a lot) gives it way more depth, even in mono. that's what i've been missing all these years. tears stream down my face even as i'm writing this. i was moved.

they songs got worked out as we played them. we recorded them quick. we had way more fun. we were all focused.

for a second, it was starting to look like the cmg record was going to be the 'chinese democracy' of our generation. now it looks like it'll be out by this summer.

another thing i felt was important was the use of a living room. houses sound better than shitty studio spaces and sometimes high end studios. maybe it's the shag carpeting? maybe it's the view of the cemetery? maybe it's all the dialogue you have to provide when the t.v. volume is off during a take? maybe it's all the time i've spent in that house as a young dude? whatever it was, i want more. i'm really getting back to my roots here. here's a really poor clip of a song we we're working on called 'feel the night' that i took on my camera phone.