the white stallion rides again (guitar refinishing part five)

i couldn't wait. i was supposed to do this lacquer and sanding down method for like four days but i'm ready to take it to the next level. i can live with a little bit of grain! plus, i plan to paint another guitar soon. right now i'm exploring.

let's explore the half-assed approach. i bought some white primer from the depot, put the body back on the hanger, shook the can for two minutes like it says on the directions, and i just lose myself in the moment like 8 mile. beautiful fine white liquid starts exploding out of my tip. i'm going for it big time. i'm riding the snake down to the lake. the ancient lake! and just as fast as it had started, it was all over.

i covered that thing so good. i love primer! here's a picture of me and my body post-spray. in this picture, our bond has grown and it's showing. good for us!


marlene said...

I can't wait until Dad figures out you painted half of the house outside during your makeover.