the boy scouts (guitar refinishing part six)

this morning i woke and checked on the primer situation. looking good, but i did notice a few grain bumps. and as the day went by it drove me crazy. i couldn't think of anything but those bumps. let it go, they're just a few bumps. but what would dick proenneke say about it. he'd say,"looks as if a boy scout went at it with a dull hatchet." and that dick would be right. so with dick on my mind, and the electric sander in my hand, i sanded off all my primer along with the lacquer.

now i am reborn. filled with the knowledge of the past, i am kicking this shit into the next level. dick proenneke, this ones for you!

"when you got a job to do you got to do it well" - paul mccartney

"that ain't working, that's the way you do it" - dire straits

"everybody's working for the weekend" - loverboy

"Too many men work on parts of things; doing a job to completion satisfies me." - dick proenneke

rest in peace little homie.