just hangin' (guitar refinishing part three)

so the last time we were here we filled all my holes. i got a 220 sandpaper and leveled all those spots where i used wood grain filler. out of paranoia i went over the whole thing again 'till it was as smooth as oliver dragojevic. now it's time to seal these puppies. people have a millions of ways to paint a guitar. then the guys at home depot tell you that guys who paint guitars don't know crap about painting and they start giving you advice. and half of the stuff you need to do this has been outlawed because they use it to make meth or whatever. people say use a sealer, well home depot don't have no sealer under like a gallon and for $50. i went with some polyurethane lacquer in a can. it just feels like the right move. then there was the question of oil or water based. how the hell am i supposed to know? no one told me there was a choice. so i went with the can that didn't disclose which one it was because i was losing it at the depot. here is my can and a wire coat hanger i untwisted.

i don't have anywhere to paint so i figured i'd do it outside. i used the old 'coat hanger off the gutter' trick. it's not falling down so i'm off the the next step.

i taped the part where the neck goes on so there will be no troubles getting the neck on later. i'm sure i can get away with not doing this but i'm trying to go pro.

here it it after like four coats. still looks the same but i guess it's sealed.

i'm not a big fan of matching headstocks. for some reason i decided to do one. if i don't like it later i can always change it back. taping this was fun.

so here they are after like 6 coats. i can't believe how much crap can come out of one can. again i didn't want to waste anything so i huffed the last of the lacquer. after my high wore off i cleaned up. and now i wait until this dries for 24 hours.

the next step is primer. i hate primer.